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Our mission is to offer only those select picks that have a high chance of making you a winner. Our strategy emphasises a consistent and long-term commitment. If you want to get rich over night or have a gambling addiction, then we’re afraid our services are not meant for you.
If you want to take your betting and investing strategy to the next level, we’re here for you with a proven approach.
All our picks can be found on our results page which is updated daily. If you’d like to take a look at even more data, you’ll find our statistics on two reputable third parties websites on the results page.


The service includes our premium picks delivered to your e-mail, generally a few hours before the matches.



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Frequently asked questions

No. We are confident in our skills and methods, however this is a risky environment and you should be aware that the profit can not be guaranteed.

This is a personal decision but never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Money management plays a very important role in this business so make sure you pay attention to it.
We will try to provide some assistance and give you some money management insights, however we can not control your bank and your stakes. Bet responsible!

You can take a look at our detailed stats on our results page. We update our results daily and we also use two reputable third party verification services to validate our picks.

Yes. We don’t sell bullshit, we have skin in the game.

There is no correct answer for this question. In general you should look for the highest odds in the market in order to maximize your edge. There are many reputable bookmakers, use those that suit your needs best. Please note that we use Pinnacle odds as reference for our tips.

We use Pinnacle as a reference so if you use another bookmaker then it is normal to have slightly different odds. Even if you use Pinnacle the odds may change from the moment we send the pick until the moment of you actually placing the bet. However, these differences should be rather small and will not influence your long term P&L.

Please check our blog article on this here.
Yes. We are working to develop models for other sports as well, currently an NBA basketball model is undergoing testing and should be available for the next NBA season in 2020.

It depends. Keep in mind that we are very selective in order to maintain our standards very high. On average you should expect around 15-20 tips per month, sometimes more, sometimes less.