Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world for betting. The way the major tennis matches are structured lends itself nicely to betting with individual points, games and sets making up the match. In addition, not a day seems to go by without the opportunity to place a bet on a tennis match. It does not matter if it is a significant match between two of the world’s greatest players at Wimbledon or a Challenger match being contested without a crowd. You will find odds online for the match.

However, before you begin betting on tennis there are a few things you must always remember to do prior to placing a bet.

The head-to-head record between the two players involved in the match on which you are betting is important. If one player has consistently defeated the other throughout their career, they clearly have the edge. Just because one player is ranked higher than another, it does not necessarily mean they have a superior record when it comes to playing against them. This information is freely available online and it is easy to spot trends between players.

For example, despite the difference in age most people would expect Roger Federer to defeat Alexander Zverev. One look at their head to head record shows in 10 matches between the pair there have been 5 victories each, so it is much closer than many people would expect. The last occasion the two players met at the time of writing was the 2019 Shanghai Masters and Zverev came out on top, winning 6-3, 6-7, 6-3 at the quarter-final stage. There are many reasons why some players will have a superior record against others, including the playing surface.

Some players enjoy playing on specific surfaces while others will have a dislike to a specific surface. This is something you must consider when betting on a tennis match or tournament. Rafael Nadal is a good example and although the Spaniard has shown he is capable of winning Grand Slam events on any surface, clay is clearly his preferred surface. His record at the French Open speaks for itself and this is something you must consider when betting on tennis. It is also one of the reasons why, if you look at Nadal’s record against many of the top players he tends to come out on top, especially against Roger Federer.

Clearly the current form of a player must be considered when betting on tennis. If a player has been struggling to win a match for some time you may choose to avoid placing a bet on them to win unless they are playing on a surface they love. The fitness of a player must also be reviewed before placing a bet on them to win a match or more specifically a tournament. The Grand Slam tournaments are long and gruelling, if a player has an underlying fitness problem it is likely to emerge during a long event.

If a strong favourite to win a match has been struggling with an injury problem leading up to the match, this could provide a great opportunity to bet on an outsider and win big money. Always review the latest injury news heading into a tournament because you can pay the price for not checking the fitness levels of a player before placing a bet.

With that information in mind, you may choose to employ a specific tennis betting strategy. The Yo-Yo Method is a good example and this involves betting on the pre-match favourite when they have already lost the first set of the match. Often, when a pre-match favourite loses the first set, they bounce back immediately to win the second set. You can bet on them to win the match at greater odds then those available prior to the match.

Laying the favourite is another popular tennis betting strategy. You can lay the favourite before the match has started and if the underdog takes the lead, the odds for the favourite will begin to lengthen. From here, you can judge the potential profit you would make by laying off the favourite. You must be aware there will be times when the favourite will win games early in the match and when this happens you must be ready to cut your losses. Look for players who tend to begin matches slowly but often go on to win.

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