Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world for betting. You only have to visit one of the many online bookmakers to quickly understand just how big tennis betting has become in recent years. Upon loading the homepage of a leading bookmaker, you will find tennis matches listed, usually in the in-play section. Click on the tennis link and you will see a wealth of tennis betting options, covering a significant number of tournaments around the world.

Not only are the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tours covered extensively by online bookmakers, you will find matches listed for Challenger events, International Tennis Federation matches, and Universal Tennis Rating matches throughout the year. In fact, there is unlikely to be any day throughout the year where you are unable to place a bet on a tennis match, it is incredible.

So, one of the many reasons why tennis is the perfect sport for betting, is due to the number of matches being played on a daily basis. Unlike the majority of other sports listed at online bookmakers, you are guaranteed to have a choice of tennis matches on a daily basis.

Looking at the format of a tennis match, it becomes clear why the sport is ideal for betting purposes. Each game is broken down into individual points and every game counts towards the set. A set consists of 6 games unless it needs to extend to a 7th game if the players are tied at 5-5. In men’s Grand Slam matches, they are played over the best of 5 sets and in women’s Grand Slam matches they play the best of 3 sets.

The format of the sport means it is possible to bet on both games and sets. You can even take things one step further and bet on the winner of an individual point during a game but that is reserved for live tennis betting.

In terms of the actual betting itself, tennis predictions are so popular because they can be easily broken down to a choice of two outcomes. During a tennis match, there can only ever be two final results, a win for Player A or a win for Player B. Compare this to betting on football for example, where not only do you have to choose between the two teams but also the possibility of the match ending in a draw. This serves to complicate matters when placing a bet and can cloud judgement. The same does not apply to tennis betting and when placing a bet on the outcome of a tennis match, they are only two options from which to choose.

This can make tennis betting extremely simple in certain tournaments. Take the French Open as an example, you are never going to back against Rafael Nadal on the clay at Roland Garros unless he is carrying an injury. Even if his opponent is Novak Djokovic, you would not go against the Spaniard in the betting. However, that’s where other tennis betting markets come into play and using a great website for tennis expert tips, such as becomes important.

Another aspect of tennis betting that makes it so popular is you can make it simple, as in the example above but there is also the possibility to delve into greater detail. Match handicap betting is a great example and by using this betting market you can make what seems a one-sided match into a closer contest purely for betting. You only have to look in the results section of the tennis betting tips website to see this in action. For example, on the 13th of January Dan Evans was available at 2.01 to defeat Alexander Bublik with a handicap of -1.5 games. Evans won the match comfortably and thus the tennis bet was a success.

While the breakdown of tennis betting is simple, creating tennis picks and parlays is not an easy business. As highlighted above, there are many matches being played every day and it would be impossible to research every player involved. To do that would take so much time, you are likely to miss the beginning of the matches and the opportunity to place a bet.

That is where comes into play. Using advanced mathematical models, the team aims to outsmart the betting markets and make a profit from tennis betting. The aim is to achieve double-digit returns and there is a choice of subscriptions available.

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